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SEPLA strike the next 18 and 29 of December 2011

Be carefull if you are planning to fly with Iberia during December..


Iberia has decided to bring forward the launch of its international channels on social networks in order to "serve in their own language" to customers affected by the strike of the next SEPLA 18 and December 29, reported the airline.

To do this, the Spanish company has created specific channels in facebook and twitter in German, Italian, Portuguese, French and English, in addition to those already available in Spanish for a year and a half.

It was decided to accelerate the implementation of these channels, which until now were on probation, "in order to respond to the many customers of the company concerned about the effects of the strike SEPLA in their flight plans "says the airline.

In fact, Iberia said that due to the announcement of the demonstrations, consultations by telephone have increased by 45%, while those made through twitter and facebook in Spanish have multiplied "several times".

In this sense, the company has strengthened its call centers, although not issued until the minimum service by the Ministry of Public Works may not be known which flights are affected.


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