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Frankfurt is the most cosmopolitan and noisy city of Germany. It is a very important commercial center, which makes this city very multicultural. Their impressive skyscrapers, taverns and cider, their museums and the Meno river will amaze you.

Comments about Frankfurt

You have a choice
28 Oct 2013 User
Can't believe all the moaning. No one is making you fly with them. Personally, I use them and will continue to every time!
Ryan air
19 Oct 2012 User
Noel, your a muppet for thinking Ryan air is anything to do with the airlline industry. thay are nothing short of con men, by his measures leeds/bradford airport is in london, well its within 150miles, near enough. and espite what they say, there is not enough fuel on board the plane to make an emergency landing at another airport. so when an airport is attacked by terroroists your landing there, right in the middle, have fun muppet
ryanair best airline in the world
19 Sep 2012 Noel
Ryanair is the cheapest and most efficient airline in the world.
Ryanair and its cheating
18 May 2011 Steve
Ryanair isn't the cheapest and last but not least a reputable company. It's not just that they are tricky in using SPECIAL AIRPORT-NAMES, they are very - to name it in a friendly way - inventive with extra fees as well. - So if you really calculate ALL the fees and losses of TIME, Stress etc. you will find sth. at the regular airlines at regular airports which will be fit your needs much more than Ryanair. They are simply SHAMELESS !!
cheating on customers!
7 Jul 2010 Jaydefont
I think it's a screaming desaster, that people are left in the belief that the destination "frankfurt" is really THE Frankfurt (am Main), which is the biggest german Airport.. Because it's NOT!!! It's the Hahn Airport, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Frankfurt. The Same thing with Dusseldorf Weeze. This is NOT (!!!) Dusseldorf! It's hours of driving to these Stupid Destinations! Ryanair is the Last airways to choose, when there is nothing else left! This is bold cheating on their customers. I will never ever fly ryanair again. Regards
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